Narina Sokolova is a Russian born American artist.  She was born in St. Petersburg Russia in June 28, 1971.  She studied fine art at the St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design.  In 1991 she moved to the United States to continue her art education and pursue an art career.

In 1996 she landed her first job at Hanna-Barbera on the animated series “Jonny Bravo.”  Since then Narina has worked as a production artist for Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Fox, and Paramount.

In 2007 Narina won a Prime-Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement for her work on the show “My Gym Partner is a Monkey” for Cartoon Network.  In 2014 Narina won another Prime-Time Emmy Award for Outstanding achievement in production design for her work on Mickey Mouse (TV Series) for Disney: Episode “O Sole Minnie.”  And in 2015 she won an Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Production Design for her work on Mickey Mouse (TV Series) for Disney: Episode “Mumbai Madness.”

She lives in Los Angeles, California and continues to work in the animation industry

Narina was also pursuing her independent fine art career. And we’re showing her work in art shows and galleries. She was represented by Tirage gallery (Pasadena, California) 2000-2018. And she was showing her work in art shows and galleries..


Looney TunesWarner BrosBackground painter2019
Scooby Doo DTVWarner BrosBackground layout design, background painting2018 2019
Bless the Harts Fox Background painting2019
Puppy Dog Pals Disney Junior Background painting2019
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz Warner Brosresponsible for creating Style of Background painting and supervising BG color on the show2017 2018
BunniculaWarner BrosLead Background painting2014 2016
Star vs forces of EvilDisneyBackground painting2016
Mickey Mouse Season 1DisneyProduction artist
background painter
2011 2012
Mickey Mouse Season 2DisneyBackground painting2012 2014
Merry MelodyWarner BrosBackground Painting2011
The Looney Tunes Showwarner BrosLead background painter2010 2013
Tom & Jerry Adventure of Sherlock Holms)DTVWarner BrosBackground painting2009
ShazamReturn of the black AdamDC comics showcase DTVBackground painting2009
Mondo Wrestling AllianceCartoon Network (Adult swim)BG paintng layout design2010
Twisted WhiskersMike Young ProductionsArt lead /BG paint color scripts for 3D series2007
My Gym partners a monkeyCartoon NetworkBackground painting2005
Buzz on MaggieDisneylayout design background painting2005
Todd WorldMike Young Productionslayout design/background paint visual development2005
Kid NotoriousComedy Centralresponsible for creating background and layout design as well as painting , Done entirely in Flash.2003
RugratsKlasky Gspuoresponsible for creating layout , background and prop design for the show1999 2003
Rocket PowerKlasky Gspuoresponsible for creating layout , background and prop design for the show2000 2002
Silly adventures of Ronald McDonaldresponsible for creating layout , background and prop design for the show1998
ZorroFred Wolf Filmstraditional BG color key painter1998
Incredible HulkMarveltraditional matte painter1997
Jonny BravoHanna -Barberabg color key painting design1997

Traditional paintings . Media: watercolor, oil painting, charcoal drawing

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